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as in design research and futures thinking, with emphasis on the participatory aspect. 

Design is known as an applied art and covers many specialisations. It is also a way to create products for consumption or a way to create user-centred services - to keep "users" engaged in allowable behaviours, for many reasons including safety. What if design is used to facilitate people to explore possibilities?



Publications and Talks

Barron, Dominique; Coldicutt, Rachel; Pau, Stephanie and Williams, Anna, 2022, Report, Belonging, Care, and Repair - Possible, Plausible and Just Futures for Civil Society 


Pau, Stephanie and Hall, Ashley, 2020, Journal Article, New spaces for healthcare futures studies: Connecting existing theory to deeper participatory practice Futures, 126. pp. 1-12. ISSN 0016-3287


Pau, Stephanie and Hall, Ashley, 2020, Book Section, Beyond speculation: Using imperfect experts for designing the collective futures of healthcare for space In: Christer, Kirsty, Craig, Claire and Chamberlain, Paul, (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Design4Health, Amsterdam, 2020. Lab4Living, Sheffield, UK, pp. 45-54. ISBN 978-1-8381117-0-0


Pau, Stephanie, 2022, Talk, Dressing for Extreme Environments. At ​London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London


Pau, Stephanie, 2021, Talk, Speculative Design and Futures Thinking. At Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London


Pau, Stephanie, 2020, Talk, Designing for Future Unknowns. At Royal College of Art, PhD Forum, part of Design Futures Seminar (online)


Pau, Stephanie, 2019, Talk, An Overview of Spacewear. At ​Royal College of Art, Textiles Futures


Pau, Stephanie, Buchheim, Judith-Irina, Freer, Daniel and Yang, Guang-Zhong, 2021, Book Chapter, Chapter 10 Futures of Human-Robot Interaction in Space In: Gao, Yang, (eds.) Space Robotics and Autonomous Systems - Technologies, advances and applications, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK. ISBN-13: 978-1-83953-225-2


2020 - ongoing

Studio ANDNAND - Founder

Co-Design workshop

Foresight workshop

Speculative/Experiential event

Development of methodologies for participatory design of mid/long term futures


2018 - ongoing

Visiting Lecturer 

Royal College of Art (topics: futures, health, robotics)

Central Saint Martins (topics:  futures thinking,  speculative design, collective imagination)

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2020 - ongoing

Design Council - Associate



Design Sprint

Co-Design Workshop

Speculative Design Workshop



RCA MRes Healthcare and Design 


Design thinking

Participatory speculative design

Design games for the future of health(care) in extreme environment - space



Health Tech Entrepreneur



User research 

Value proposition design

Wearable product development for remote rehabilitation



In various technology roles


Facilitated transdisciplinary cooperations and discussions between engineers, designers (e.g. fashion, textiles designers and design thinkers) and stakeholders.

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