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Paper pulp was here. (2023)

Paper pulp was here_2023_Sculpture_Stephanie Pau - exhibition view.jpg

The process is the art, in this case, the process of making paper from plants for use in my printmaking work has made these marks.

Medium: An installation - natural pigment on calico, on a washing line.

Size: 88 x 100 cm approx for the dyed cloth

Healing from Trauma (2023)

stephanie pau - healing from trauma - exhibit here 2023 - 2.jpg

Made from reclaiming pieces of oak that were found with damage inflicted by metal at some point, as evident from the blue stains - a reaction the oak creates.

Medium: Sculpture

Size: 20 x 20 x 48 cm approx.

Decay (2023)

Decay_2023_Sculpture_Stephanie Pau.jpg

Decay is a complex image - a collage of a portrait of a decaying tomato plant, framed in an eclectic but not accidental collection of warped and neat wood.

Medium: An assemblage - ink, art catalogue from 1999 and wood

Size: 80 x 130 cm approx

Sustainability Bonsai (2023)

stephanie pau - sustainability bonsai - exhibit here 2023 - 2.jpg

A sculpture

Medium: plastic packaging waste material, found twigs and scaffolding board. 

Size: <measuring>

The Scream (2023)

The scream - stephanie pau - 2023 - web adjusted.jpg

A collograph, edition of 6. 

Medium: Collograph made from reclaimed packaging, framed by a reclaimed plastic hook

Size: <measuring>

Goedmorgen (2023)

An installation of Goedmorgen (2023).

Goedmorgen has an edition size of 4. 

Medium: A collograph made from used packaging from morning routines, open to be cut into unique installations/assemblages.  

Size: varies depending on the cut. 

Nature is green. (2023)

nature is green - stephanie pau - 2023 - webadjusted.jpg

A collograph, edition of 6. 

Medium: Collograph from reclaimed packaging materials, framed in a reclaimed plastic bag

Size: <measuring>

Four Seasons (2023)

A series of collographs

Medium: Collograph and Reclaimed plastic bags

Size: <measuring>

Aliens, various numbers (2023)

A series of unique collographs, numbered by dots and dashes,

like Aliens  。 。'

Medium: Collographs, framed in reclaimed materials - cleaned plastic trays and canvas frame as found. 

Size: various, depending on the size of the plastic tray found. 

Upside-down chair (2023)

An installation, in use.

Medium: Reclaimed and offcut timber, broken chair

Size: <measuring>

Unstable Table (2022)

An installation, in use.

Medium: Reclaimed and offcut timber, new plywood, clamps

Size: 118 x 90 x 70cm

Portraits of Assemblage Creatures (2022)

A series of six collographs, with images made from everyday plastic waste, each with a frame made with reclaimed wood.

Esoterraria-p (2022)